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OCT 29, 2020

Gemini and TaxBit Partner to Make Crypto Taxes Easier

Taxbit-Gemini Partnership-Blog Header

We are pleased to announce that Gemini will begin implementing TaxBit’s Tax Center Suite technology to automate and optimize your cryptocurrency tax reporting. This will make it simple and easy for you to complete your crypto taxes.

When Tax Center Suite is fully implemented on Gemini, customers in the United States will be able to download a completed tax report that can be uploaded for use in a variety of popular tax filing software or handed over to an accountant in the same format that the IRS requires.

Tax Center Suite will also give you tools to monitor and lower your tax liability (or potentially increase your tax refund) as you use Gemini throughout the year. You will be able to see the real-time tax impact of your transactions, as well as receive trade alerts when tax saving opportunities are available.

Onward and Upward!

Team Gemini

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