Crypto & Coffee Q&A with Erin Bailey

Crypto & Coffee Q&A with Erin Bailey

Welcome back to Crypto & Coffee with Team Gemini! In today’s Q&A we sit down with Erin Bailey, Software Engineer, on the Security team to discuss the power of learning, the endless possibilities of crypto, and how to stay motivated during these unprecedented times. Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and enjoy.

How long have you been at Gemini? Three months. But I’ve been working in the crypto industry for about two years.

What made you want to come work here? What do you love about crypto? I chose Gemini because I wanted to continue to align my profession with something that I'm personally passionate about. I fell in love with crypto because I was fascinated by the technology and architecture that powers it. I love math so I got hooked as I researched the various protocols and cryptographic algorithms that allow the concept of digital assets to exist.

What is the most exciting part of your job? Learning! The field of Security is so vast and interesting.There are endless opportunities for me to learn. Plus, I have some incredibly smart coworkers and I'm always eager to learn from them too. I can't wait to soak up all this new information and sharpen my skill set so I can share it with someone else who is in the position that I'm currently in.

What advice would you give someone who's just starting their career? Stay curious. It helped me shift my job from being just a paycheck to being something that I actually want to do and that serves a greater purpose.

What is something you learned from working in the crypto industry? I didn’t know much about crypto before joining the industry but through having conversations with colleagues who were actively involved in the community I started hearing all these really positive stories. And not from a get-rich-quick perspective, but from a quality of life perspective. I enjoyed learning about folks who live in the Philippines who used bitcoin because it was really easy to send money to their family on other islands. I heard stories of people who used it as a way to escape financial dependency and leave abusive relationships. I had coworkers who relied on it as a more stable form of currency than the fiat in their country. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have an opportunity to improve lives around the world and I’m proud to be a part of that mission.

What excites you the most about the future of crypto? The unknown! I think the future of crypto is going to be great in ways that we can't even predict. Crypto has unveiled a lot of interesting concepts in the financial world, for example decentralization. I believe crypto will have a profound impact on underserved communities as it continues to grow out of its infancy. I’m excited to see how that unfolds.

What have you been doing to keep yourself entertained while you’re WFH? I've rediscovered my interest in sewing which has been really fun. I hadn't used my machine in years but I started making masks for my friends and my neighbors and then I couldn't get enough!

What book would you read over and over again? I'm a big fan of SciFi and The Martian by Andy Weir has a special place in my heart in a cheesy way. There's a quote that really stuck with me. “Space is dangerous. It's what we do here. If you want to play it safe all the time, go join an insurance company.” At the time I was feeling stuck and stagnant and I was longing for a greater purpose — and I was actually working for an insurance company! I wanted a connection that aligned my career with something I'm passionate about and this book was a bit of an inspiration for me to seek it out.

What motivates you in this time period? It’s been a weird time, but my dog has helped to keep me sane. Exploring nature has also been helpful. I would suggest spending as much time outside (socially distant, of course) as you can.

What is your proudest life moment? I was selected for a NASA space grant in partnership with the university that I attended. I'm very proud and thankful for that because it allowed me to work on a program that taught kids about Computer Science and Math through video games. That experience really solidified that I was in the right field and it kicked off my interest in volunteering for organizations who do similar things.

Do you have a motto or a quote that you live by? Be kind. It costs zero dollars.

Thank you for reading. Our team is always growing! If you’re interested in joining us — check out our careers page!

Onward and Upward,

Erin Bailey, Software Engineer at Gemini

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