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Market Cap

$71.51M USD

Circulating Supply

360.3M WCFG

About Wrapped Centrifuge (WCFG)

Wrapped Centrifuge (wCFG) is the ERC-20 representation of the Centrifuge token (CFG) on the Ethereum network. Centrifuge (CFG) is a native token developed in Substrate similar to Polkadot (DOT).


wCFG is an ERC-20 wrapped token compliant with the Ethereum network. It is essential to note that wCFG token holders need to unwrap their tokens 1:1 through the bridge to participate in CFG use-cases.

Centrifuge (CFG) is the native token of the Centrifuge network. It is used for staking, paying for transaction fees (gas), and participating in governance. The token also provides chain security and rewards liquidity providers in the Tinlake dApp.

Centrifuge website

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