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About SuperRare (RARE)

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SuperRare (RARE) is a curated NFT marketplace meant for curating one-of-one pieces. Revenues are predominantly driven from primary sales with some revenue coming from SuperRare’s secondary marketplace. In August 2021, SuperRare announced the RARE token and the beginning of the SuperRare DAO, as well as the introduction of Spaces, community-curated storefronts for NFT artists. Each Space will have its own elected operators that onboard artists who fit criteria for that particular Space.


The RARE token is a curation and governance token for the SuperRare DAO. It is an ERC-20-compliant token. SuperRare governance is held on-chain. Governance of the SuperRare DAO currently has three main use cases: SuperRare Spaces, artist onboarding, and treasury operations and management.

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