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Keep3rV1 (KP3R) Price


-$1.01 (-2.13%)

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Market Cap

$23.15M USD

Circulating Supply

491.9K KP3R

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About Keep3rV1 (KP3R)

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Keep3rV1 or Keep3r Network is a registry designed to match organizations and other entities with technical professionals, known as Keepers, who can perform routine tasks such as collecting yield farming harvests. More specifically, a Keeper refers to an external person, bot, and/or team that executes an usually autonomous task, which is also known as a “job” in this context. A job can be as simplistic as calling a transaction or as complex as requiring extensive off-chain logic. The scope of the Keep3r Network is not to manage these jobs itself but to provide a matchmaking service. Each individual Keeper sets up their devops and infrastructure and creates their own rules based on what they want to accomplish.

To become a Keeper and receive KP3R rewards from completing jobs, a Keeper needs to "bond" with a job. If a bonded Keeper is selected for a job, they will receive a reward once the job has been successfully completed.


KP3R is an ERC-20 utility token compliant with the Ethereum network with payment and governance use cases.

Keep3rV1 website
Keep3rV1 technical documentation

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