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About Curve (CRV)

Curve is a decentralized exchange optimized for low slippage and low fee swaps between assets pegged to the same value. Curve is an automated market maker that operates similarly to Balancer, relying on liquidity pools and rewarding those who fund the pools, except it only deals with stablecoins (e.g., DAI, TUSD, sUSD, GUSD, bUSD, USDC, etc.). For this reason, it can be useful to crypto users seeking to swap stablecoins, traders looking for arbitrage opportunities, and liquidity providers who earn trading and interest fees. It also offers an incentivizing boost mechanism for users to lock in their token holdings for up to four years, allowing them to earn more on their liquidity and receive more in trading fees. Because fees depend on trading volumes, liquidity providers earn more value on days with high volume and high volatility.


CRV is the governance token of Curve, and is also used to pay liquidity providers.


The supply of CRV token was originally 1.3B and will grow to 3.03B after token distribution to liquidity providers.

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