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APR 20, 2023

Pravjit Tiwana Named CEO of Gemini Asia Pacific (APAC)


We are excited to announce that Pravjit Tiwana has been named CEO of Gemini Asia Pacific (APAC). Pravjit will be taking on these responsibilities in addition to his role as Gemini’s Global Chief Technology Officer (CTO). As APAC CEO, he will be responsible for launching and expanding our products and services in the region, leading the go-to-market (GTM) organization (business development, marketing, and evangelism), and owning PnL for the region.

Gemini has big plans for international growth this year in APAC. This initially involves building out product and engineering teams in India (see our careers page here). We will also be expanding our business teams in both India and Singapore to execute GTM strategies focused on growing our individual and institutional customer base in the region. We believe that crypto and Web3 products will continue to have a strong growth trajectories in APAC. Crypto knows no boundaries, and that is why Gemini is a global company.

Pravjit joined Gemini 15 months ago as our CTO. Under his leadership, Gemini’s technology organization has continued to evolve into a world-class product and engineering organization. With our customers at the center of everything we do, we have succeeded in shipping a tremendous amount of features and products to them with greater speed and reliability than ever before. We believe the most critical metric in innovation is time-to-value — how long it takes to turn an idea into value for our customers. Therefore, speed and a sense of urgency are the cornerstones of our culture. Pravjit has helped shape and foster this culture throughout our technology organization and we’re excited for him to bring this same energy to the APAC region.

Please join us in congratulating Pravjit on his expanded role as both Global CTO of Gemini and CEO of Gemini APAC.

Onward and Upward,

Cameron + Tyler


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