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MAR 17, 2020

Nifty Marketplace Launches With Three Limited Edition Collections

2020-03-13 NiftyGateway

The Nifty Marketplace is now live! An all-in-one platform to buy, sell, and store your digital art and collectibles or “nifties” (learn more about nifties here). The world of art and collectibles is evolving and leaping onto the blockchain. We are proud to be making history with two well-respected fine artists and a world champion athlete.

  • Michael Kagan. A New York based artist, Michael’s work primarily focuses on space travel and futuristic technology. He recently had his first solo museum exhibition at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art and exceeded the high estimate for his lot at a Christie’s Thursday evening auction. Previously, Michael did three solo shows at the Joshua Liner Gallery in New York and a collaboration with Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club. Check out Michael’s nifties here.

  • Lyle Owerko. A Los Angeles based artist, Lyle’s work has always been about free speech, experimenting with new technologies, and circumnavigating the status quo to create new ways of looking at things with deeper meaning. His trademark fine art is his Boombox project, which was recently featured in a solo exhibition in Los Angeles. Beyoncé and Jay Z are collectors of his art. Check out Lyle’s nifties here.

  • Cris Cyborg. A Bellator MMA women’s featherweight world champion, Cris invested early in bitcoin and is an active member of the crypto community. A champion inside and outside of the octagon, Cris is taking her brand and fan engagement to the next level with a unique collection of nifties that she personally created and authorized. Check out Cris’ nifties here.

The Nifty Marketplace allows artists and brands to connect directly with their audiences on a global and unprecedented scale. The blockchain enforces the scarcity and uniqueness of these collections and allows collectors to authenticate and know with certainty that they are buying what they think they are buying. Nifty Gateway leverages these qualities of the blockchain under the hood, while providing a simple, elegant, and secure user experience.

Let’s get nifty!

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