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JUN 14, 2021

Introducing the HODL MODL for Charitable Giving

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Two weeks ago during the Bitcoin 2021 conference, we saw an incredible development in the future of philanthropy. charity: water, a nonprofit focused on bringing clean, safe drinking water to the world, established The Bitcoin Water Trust. This trust will HODL all the bitcoin donated to it until 2025.

This new charity model — the HODL MODL — creates a new paradigm for charitable giving. It brings the HODL ethos of Bitcoin to charitable giving, and means your bitcoin donation today could make an even bigger impact tomorrow. By donating bitcoin — an investment in the future of money — you’re investing in the future of clean drinking water for years to come.

charity: water will use Gemini’s crypto wallet to accept and HODL bitcoin donations. Our founders, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, have agreed to personally match the first 50 bitcoin donated to The Bitcoin Water Trust — a gift that could serve approximately 50,000 people globally with clean water today, but hopefully many more in the future. The funds of the trust will be held in bitcoin and the fund intends to use bitcoin in 2025 and beyond for the construction of its clean water projects across 20+ countries.

charity: water is relentlessly focused on ending the global water crisis by investing in clean water solutions to provide safe drinking water to those who most need it. Currently, 785 million people globally lack access to clean water, and charity: water has provided 12.7M people across 29 countries with this basic need.

While they began accepting bitcoin donations in 2014, charity: water historically sold the asset to immediately fund construction of new projects. Through their Bitcoin Water Trust initiative, however, they plan to hold onto the asset as an investment, with the hopes of building even more projects and helping more people as bitcoin appreciates in value.

We’re thrilled to help a fellow mission-driven organization like charity: water accept bitcoin and maximize its humanitarian efforts.

You can learn more and donate at

Onward and Upward!

Team Gemini




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