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MAY 20, 2021

Institutions Are Moving Into Crypto With Gemini

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Over the past year, Gemini has supported institutional investors with crypto expertise that is second to none while meeting security and compliance standards that are equal to or better than those found at legacy financial services firms.

Whether you’re a fund manager seeking to launch a crypto fund, a private investor seeking to diversify your portfolio into crypto, or a large institution assessing plans to integrate crypto into your business model, our experienced teams can provide the unified support you need to succeed on your crypto journey.

First Movers Look to Gemini’s Crypto-Native Platform

We have built an expansive crypto-native platform that aims to serve clients from all walks of life, providing a bridge from the legacy financial system to the financial frontier of crypto and blockchain. With our support as crypto custodian and partner, an increasing number of established institutions are diving into crypto with Gemini:

  • 3iQ Corp.: We worked with 3iQ, a leading Canadian digital asset manager, to shepherd their bitcoin and ether closed-end funds through regulatory approval and on to the public markets. Serving as the custodian for both their bitcoin and ether funds, we continue to provide ongoing support.

  • Purpose Investments: We serve as the custodian for the first North American bitcoin ETF launched by Canadian asset manager Purpose Investments. We’re also the custodian for their ether ETF.

  • Evolve ETFs: We serve as the crypto custodian for Canadian asset manager Evolve, supporting their bitcoin and ether ETFs.

  • BTG Pactual: We are the custodian and trade execution partner for BTG Pactual’s Bitcoin 20 Multi-Market Investment Fund, the first bitcoin fund launched by the largest investment bank in Latin America.

  • Eaglebrook Advisors: We secure and custody digital assets for Eaglebrook's clients, who represent some of the largest registered investment advisors (RIAs) in the country.

  • Caruso: We helped Caruso, one of the largest privately-held real estate companies in the U.S., to add crypto to their balance sheet through their treasury arm and are further supporting their acceptance of bitcoin rent payments for their retail and residential properties, a first in the industry.

  • GlobalBlock: We partner with GlobalBlock, a leading UK-based digital asset brokerage, to provide a wide range of tradable assets, and best-in-class execution and liquidity for their growing base of individual, corporate, and institutional clients.

  • BullionStar: We provide trade execution services for Singapore-based BullionStar, one of the first bullion dealers in the world to accept cryptocurrency as a mode of payment for physical gold, silver, and platinum bullion.

Cryptocurrency is a global phenomenon, and we have continued to expand our offices in the UK and APAC, with teams that are ready to provide institutional support to international clients.

Gemini provides the complete spectrum of institutional investors with a full-service on-ramp to crypto. Reach out to us here.

Onward and Upward!

Team Gemini




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