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MAR 20, 2017

Information related to Gemini’s policy on an upcoming Chain Split

Chain split

UPDATED 7/26/17 3:30 PM EDT.

A number of customers have asked how Gemini will respond if the Bitcoin network splits into two separate Blockchains (often called a “fork”) sometime soon. Our highest priority at Gemini — more important even than keeping our exchange open — is ensuring that all of our customers’ asset balances are held securely.

We know that some of our customers have strong opinions on how Bitcoin should evolve. At Gemini, however, it’s not our place to drive the discussion. In the event of a chain split, we will carefully consider our response and how to move forward. We understand that our customers have diverse opinions on this subject, and we will do our best to incorporate your suggestions.

We certainly prefer and encourage a “clean” chain split, no matter which side of the scaling debate wins, but we are preparing for a variety of outcomes. In the event that we detect a chain split or anticipate an imminent chain split, we will temporarily suspend BTC deposits and withdrawals. During that time, we will evaluate our response and post updates here on this blog. We will endeavor to resume deposits and withdrawals as soon as we’re safely able to do so, but that process may take up to a week to complete.

However, as an indication of what we are currently planning:

  • The “BTC” balance and trading activity you see on Gemini will likely reflect the chain with the greater total difficulty.
  • We may choose to eventually open new order books for the chain with less total difficulty.
  • We will make every effort to support withdrawals of the chain with less total difficulty, if it ends up having a significant amount of hashpower, exchange volume, or economic value.

We understand that the policies listed above leave quite a lot to Gemini’s discretion. We would rather have clearly defined policies in place right now; however, it’s unclear what will happen on the Blockchain in the coming days, weeks, and months, and we would much rather play it safe than make hasty, ill-informed decisions and risk mismanaging your funds. As soon as we gain further insight on the situation, we will make additional blog posts to better detail how your funds on Gemini will be secured.

Onward and Upward,

Team Gemini


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