Helpful Tips to Understand Gemini’s KYC and Onboarding Process

Helpful Tips to Understand Gemini’s KYC and Onboarding Process

In part two of our blog series on compliance procedures, we dive deeper into Gemini’s KYC process, focus on questions and considerations for customers, and hope to provide tips for a smooth onboarding process. (Missed part one? Read What is KYC and Why does it Matter for Cryptocurrency Buyers).

Not sure what we might need? Feel like you submitted all your information, but you haven’t yet been fully verified to trade and or withdraw from your account? Here is a checklist to help move you through onboarding.

What does Gemini require and collect? When customers sign up for a Gemini account, applicable regulations require us to collect: full legal name, date of birth, address, phone number, social security number and email. Additional documentation is required to be fully verified and to withdraw from the exchange. Those documents include:

  • U.S. residents: A valid passport or driver's license.
  • International residents: Depending on your country of residence, we will require at least two government-issued documents: a valid passport, a driver’s license, and/or a national identity card.
  • Canadian residents: A valid passport, driver’s license, and social insurance number.

Haven’t heard from us?

  • Add our email address to your favorites! To make sure we’re hitting your inbox with important updates, please make sure our email address,, is added to your ‘Primary’ inbox.
  • We only communicate about account updates via email - check your spam folder if you can’t find us.

Having trouble submitting documentation?

  • When you are submitting documentation, make sure it is of clear quality, not cut off and not missing any information. The ID must be fully readable and unobstructed.
  • Photo ID = driver’s license or state issued ID (US or Canada only) or passport.
  • Make sure your ID is valid and not expired.
  • For security reasons, we do not accept emails with photo ID attachments. Please submit all documents through
  • When asked for “proof of address,” we require a full-page scan of a utility, cable or cell phone bill, or a bank statement.
  • Please make sure the document displays your full name, current residential address, and is dated no more than 90 days from the day you submit.

Having trouble withdrawing from your Gemini account?

  • In order to enable withdrawals from your account, we will have had to first verify your identity. If we weren’t able to verify your identity because your ID isn’t legible, you will be notified via email and asked to re-upload a clear image of your ID to
  • Once we’ve completed the review process, you’ll receive an email notification on the status of your account.

Having issues with 2-factor authentication? How do I verify my phone number?

  • Gemini requires 2-factor authentication (2FA) for all users to verify their phone number and to protect against risks related to number-hijacking (also known as “SIM porting”).
  • We recommend using Authy, a mobile app specifically for 2FA, to generate unique codes each time you login to your Gemini account.
  • We recommend disabling the multi-device option to safeguard your Authy account even if your phone number is targeted by a successful phone porting attack.
  • In order to verify your account, you will receive a notification from Authy that is similar to notifications you receive from other apps and will ask you to confirm your phone directly. You may not be able to get these notifications unless you go into your settings and allow notifications from the Authy app.
  • When a Gemini user that has an Authy account says they're not getting the code via text to verify their phone during the KYC process, we send this: “We have reviewed your account and it appears the code is being sent directly to your Authy app on your mobile device.”

Cryptocurrency is fast maturing as an asset class. Customers choosing an exchange and custodian should think long-term about what the provider brings to the table, how they safeguard your assets and information, and how they comply with traditional financial rules and regulations. The KYC process is meant to increase customer protections, safeguard our exchange and provide for an overall healthy market.

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Onward and Upward,

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Chief Operating Officer

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