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AUG 19, 2020

Gemini Joins Hawaii’s Digital Currency Innovation Lab

2020-08 HAWAII

Today we are excited to announce Gemini’s participation in the Digital Currency Innovation Lab (DCIL), a two-year pilot program designed to bring crypto to the people of Hawaii.

Our goal, in partnership with the Hawaii Technology Development Corporation (HTDC), will be to create economic opportunity for the people of Hawaii through the early adoption of digital assets and offer them consumer protections through our regulated and secure platform.

The HTDC’s broader mission, working under the umbrella of the Hawaii Division of Financial Institutions (DFI), is to provide quality, high-paying jobs for Hawaii residents and accelerate the growth of Hawaii's technology industry by providing capital, building infrastructure, and developing talent to foster innovation.

Hawaii is an innovative, business-minded state and we look forward to providing our full suite of products and services to Hawaiians through this initiative, and hopefully beyond.

Gemini will now be operational in all 50 states with our participation in the DCIL. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring a simple, elegant, and secure crypto solution to the people of Hawaii.


Team Gemini

Gemini Trust Company, LLC is providing services to residents of Hawaii as a participant in a special Hawaii project which ends on December 31, 2022. At the end of the project term, Gemini Trust Company, LLC may be required to close all accounts for Hawaii customers and cease operations. Gemini Trust Company, LLC will notify Hawaii customers in advance if accounts must be closed.

Hawaii customers who choose to open accounts with Gemini Trust, LLC are advised that the virtual currency or digital currency purchased, whether as an investment, for making payments, or other purposes, may lose value, including the loss of some or all of your original purchase amount.

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