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JAN 26, 2022

Gemini Galactic Markets Approved for FINRA Membership and Broker-Dealer Operation

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Today, we are thrilled to announce that Gemini Galactic Markets (Gemini Galactic), an affiliate of Gemini Trust Company, has received approval from FINRA to operate a broker-dealer registered with the SEC and is officially a FINRA member.

As a result of this approval, Gemini Galactic is able to operate an alternative trading system (ATS), which will facilitate the trading of digital asset securities.

As the digital asset industry continues to grow, we believe blockchain infrastructure will change the way companies raise money in capital markets, and the ability to provide a regulated venue for the buying and selling of digital assets that are securities will be an important part of the blockchain ecosystem.

The digital asset security ecosystem is still developing and we are excited to be a first mover and to help further develop this space. Gemini Galactic will leverage the existing experience and expertise in crypto assets across the Gemini family to operate a secure and compliant trading platform and offer new products to our users.

Gemini is committed to proactively working with regulators to ensure our customers have as much freedom and choice as possible in accessing the digital asset ecosystem. Gemini Galactic’s broker-dealer registration is an important step in fulfilling that vision, and we’re excited to expand our offerings in lockstep with the growth and maturity of the industry.

Onward and Upward!

Team Gemini


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