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JAN 14, 2022

Gemini Ads Available For Purchase as NFTs: ‘What’s the Best That Could Happen?’

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Recently, you might have seen advertisements for the upcoming Gemini Credit Card1 displayed on some of the most iconic U.S. billboards and across digital platforms with the tagline: “What’s the Best That Could Happen?” What you’ve come across are one-of-a-kind Gemini ads that double as NFT art pieces you can buy on Nifty Gateway.

The Gemini Credit Card is a seamless way to earn crypto on everyday purchases and start building your financial future with the swipe of a card. When you can receive crypto rewards every time you make a purchase, “What’s the Best That Could Happen?”2

Conceptualized by five emerging NFT artists, the campaign brings “art not ads” to iconic billboards in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, and Dallas.

The featured NFTs are:

Scan the billboard QR codes or click-through on the digital ads, and you’ll be directed to a Nifty Gateway page where editions of 50 NFTs are on sale for $500 each and an edition of 25 NFTs is on sale for $1,000 each. The artists will donate 20% of their proceeds from the initial sale to a charity of their choice. Additional versions of these ads will appear on other mediums.

At Gemini, we are inspired by the promise of Web3, and how it can change the way we engage with daily activities. The merging of the physical and digital worlds with these innovative ads is a new way to explore the potential of Web3, while at the same time providing a powerful platform to showcase the work of these exciting new artists.

As we enter 2022, at Gemini, we are energized about the year to come and are committed to unlocking the future of financial, creative, and personal freedom through crypto! What’s the best that could happen?

Onward and Upward!

Team Gemini

1 Issued by WebBank. WebBank and Gemini Constellation, LLC are not affiliated with the sale of NFTs.
2 Engaging with crypto involves risks; seek expert advice. Past performance no guarantee of future results. Learn more at


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