AUG 10, 2021

Gemini Acquires Guesser to Bolster DeFi Opportunities

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Today, we are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Guesser, a real-time predictions market platform.

The Guesser team brings to Gemini experience in decentralized finance applications, smart contract software and tech, and on-chain markets. The Guesser platform will sunset and the team will transition their focus to a variety of exciting projects in the DeFi space and accelerated adoption of Gemini dollar (GUSD), our regulated stablecoin, across the burgeoning crypto world.

With DeFi among the fastest growing sectors in crypto, the Guesser team, led by their CEO Jose Garay and CTO Carlos Gonzalez, will join Gemini’s product team to spearhead projects ranging from submitting GUSD integration proposals and building oracles to developing relationships with DeFi protocols.

Over the past year we’ve seen DeFi projects and platforms increasingly support GUSD, leading to a surge in GUSD’s market cap, now up to more than $250 million. As more retail investors and financial institutions enter the DeFi ecosystem, they will seek a safe and reliable bridge between centralized finance and this new financial frontier — GUSD is that bridge.

Guesser marks Gemini’s fourth acquisition, following Nifty Gateway, Blockrize, and ShardX, and we are excited to continue supporting the top talent and technologies in the blockchain and crypto space.

Onward and Upward!

Team Gemini


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