Funding Your Gemini Account Just Got A Lot Faster!

Funding Your Gemini Account Just Got A Lot Faster!

Funding your account with fiat (e.g. US Dollars) and bitcoin just became a lot faster!

Funding via USD

You can now instantly link your bank account to your Gemini account using your bank account login credentials. No more waiting multiple days for micro-deposits to hit your bank account. Now you can sign up and immediately initiate funding to buy bitcoin.

Funding via BTC

We have lowered the required number of bitcoin network confirmations for bitcoin deposits from six (6) to three (3) confirmations. Bitcoins sent to your Gemini deposit address will now be available in your account for trading after three (3) confirmations of the Bitcoin network — which typically occurs in about thirty (30) minutes.

We are continuing to build the foundation for the future of money, where assets can be sent around the globe the way they should be — instantly and at little or no cost. We are at the beginning of the beginning, so stay tuned for much more to come!

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