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DEC 16, 2021

Exploring Your New Gemini Account Homepage

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If you’re a U.S. user, and logged on to your Gemini account in the past few days, our app and web interfaces may have looked slightly different than usual. What you’ve stumbled upon is our new Homepage!

At Gemini, we are constantly looking for ways to improve your crypto experience, and our updated Homepage is a big step in that direction. The Gemini account Homepage provides you with a snapshot of your account and includes watchlists, a new top movers section, and educational content. Note: if you’re not seeing the new Homepage, you’ll have to update your Gemini App to the latest version.

Here’s a brief overview:

  • Portfolio — At the top of your Homepage, you’ll see a breakdown of your portfolio. Here we display the total value of your funds held at Gemini and how much you have in your trading account. Tap to view your portfolio, and we’ll take you to a full overview of your positions.
  • Watchlist — As you scroll, the next section you’ll come across is the Watchlist. To add a token to your Watchlist, simply star any token from the Market page on which you want to keep tabs. When you click into your Watchlist, you’ll also be able to view a number of curated lists, including Top Movers, Recently Launched, and Metaverse tokens!
  • Top Movers — Next, you’ll come across our Top Movers list. Reflecting the prices found on our Market page, we’ve added a Top Movers list allowing you to seamlessly follow tokens with the highest price fluctuations. You can also find this list when you click into your Watchlist.
  • Resources — We believe deeply in the importance of education, and we want to make sure we provide tools to help you understand crypto and your investments. Featuring content from our extensive Cryptopedia platform, the resources will contain in-depth educational content to support you on your crypto journey!

We are pleased to display more information directly from your Gemini Homepage, and we will continue to iterate on how to best support you on your crypto journey through the Homepage. We look forward to further developing new and innovative ways to create an engaging Gemini experience as we advance our mission to build the future of finance.

Onward and Upward!

Team Gemini


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