Crypto and Coffee Q&A with Gemini: Maria Pesce, Brand Marketing Manager

Crypto and Coffee Q&A with Gemini: Maria Pesce, Brand Marketing Manager

Welcome to another Crypto and Coffee with #TeamGemini! Today we’re really excited to introduce you to our Brand Marketing Manager, Maria Pesce, who has been at Gemini since our launch. We sat down with Maria to talk about her journey from intern at Winklevoss Capital to helping build out Gemini’s Marketing Department from ground up.

Grab a coffee (or tea, like Maria) and check out her interview! You can also watch it on IGTV.

How long have you been at Gemini? I began my career at Winklevoss Capital in 2014 as their social media intern. My responsibilities quickly grew and before I knew it I was working at Gemini as well.

What do you love about crypto? What I love about crypto is that it screams independence — independence from banks to government to politics. It’s based on pure mathematics and technology. No room for human error. Everything should be like bitcoin.

How has your role evolved over the years? I managed our social media from 2014 to 2018, while also helping out in Compliance, Cash Management, Customer Experience, Public Relations, and much more. One of my favorite memories was when the price of Bitcoin went up to $20K in 2017 and every single person in the company was wearing many hats to keep the pace. It brought us all together and made us feel like family.

What is the most exciting part of your job? Watching how this asset class has grown and the impact Gemini has had on the industry has been an incredible experience. Having the opportunity to build a premium brand with premium products makes coming to work every day a worthwhile challenge. Working in crypto, every single day is different, and there’s a new barrier to climb or mystery to solve.

What advice would you give someone who's just starting their career in Marketing and Brand? I have three pieces of advice to someone who’s just starting their career in marketing and brand. 1. Immerse yourself in every detail of the company, from your customers to your products to the design. 2. Experimentation is key in marketing, so try new channels and learn what’s creating the highest ROI. Knowledge is power. 3. Be consistent. To build customer trust, your brand cannot waiver in what your values are or what you stand for.

What is something you learned from working in the crypto industry? This industry moves extremely fast, it feels like light speed. A year in crypto feels like a century. You learn how to multitask and be open minded to new ideas. Watching a company like Gemini get built from the ground up feels like getting a real life MBA.

Where do you see crypto in five years? I think in five years my parents will finally understand what I do for work and will be investing! I do believe this asset class will become mainstream and won’t have the same stigma it does now.

What do you do when you aren't at Gemini? When I’m not helping build the future of money at Gemini, I’m either running, working with the Lower Eastside Girls Club, mentoring for Built By Girls and she256, meditating, or getting lost exploring the city. I also love attending conferences and the most recent one was the Ladies Get Paid event in Brooklyn!

What is your proudest life moment? Running the NYC Marathon for the FDNY and my father, who was a Lieutenant at ENG 219 LAD 105 on Dean Street! I remember struggling to finish the race and trying to make it through the crazy amount of hills (who knew New York was so hilly!), then I would remember how these men and women risk their lives every single day for us… made finishing the race not so hard. Seeing him when I crossed the finish line is a feeling I can’t even put into words. He’s my hero.

Our team is always growing! If you’re interested in joining us — check out our careers page!

Onward and Upward,

Maria Pesce, Brand Marketing Manager

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