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JUN 02, 2022

A Message from Cameron & Tyler

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The following message was shared with Gemini employees this morning.

Fellow Astronauts — we are writing to update you on a difficult decision that will impact a number of you and the overall size of our team. But first, we want to start by reiterating what we’ve said many times before and can’t be said enough — our people are our greatest asset. Without you, Gemini simply wouldn’t be here today.

Your hard work and dedication has propelled Gemini to heights that would have been hard to imagine when we first started building eight years ago, in the Fall of 2014. You shape our culture, drive our innovation, and breathe life and energy into our products that have brought greater choice, independence, and opportunity to millions of people around the world.

The crypto revolution is well underway and its impact will continue to be profound. But its trajectory has been anything but gradual or predictable. Its path can best be described as punctuated equilibrium — periods of equilibrium or stasis that are punctuated by dramatic moments of hypergrowth, followed by sharp contractions that settle down to a new equilibrium that is higher than the one before. This is where we are now, in the contraction phase that is settling into a period of stasis — what our industry refers to as “crypto winter.” This has all been further compounded by the current macroeconomic and geopolitical turmoil. We are not alone.

To that end, we have asked team leaders to ensure that they are focused only on products that are critical to our mission and assess whether their teams are right-sized for the current, turbulent market conditions that are likely to persist for some time. After much thought and consideration, we have made the difficult but necessary decision to part ways with approximately 10% of our workforce.

Next Steps

Impacted Astronauts will receive a calendar invite today for an individual conversation to provide information on the separation package and healthcare benefits we are providing. We have closed all of our physical offices today so that these conversations will be held remotely to protect the privacy of each impacted individual. Our highest priority throughout will be to treat everyone affected with compassion and respect.

Looking Ahead

Tomorrow, we will hold a company-wide standup with all remaining Astronauts to talk about the future ahead.

Today is a tough day, but one that will make Gemini better over the long run. Constraint is the mother of innovation and difficult times are a forcing function for focus, which is critical to the success of any startup. Every great company throughout history has faced similar challenges along the way and Gemini is no different. And as painful as this moment is, we ultimately see it as an opportunity to double-down on our strongest ideas and customer-centric products so that we may be the catalyst of innovation coming out of these leaner times that will help fuel the next cycle of crypto growth and adoption. We have never had more conviction in our people, our products, and our mission — to unlock the next era of financial, creative, and personal freedom for our customers. Amazing awaits.

Onward and Upward,

Cameron + Tyler

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