Who we are

At Gemini, you’re joining more than just a company, you’re joining a movement.

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We believe that crypto has the power to transform the world. At Gemini, you’ll help empower individuals through the democratization of access to payments, information, goods, and services. Building that future is what inspires us to roll up our sleeves and come to work every day. We know you’ll be inspired too.

Our values

Cultivate community
Cultivate community

We believe in creating a collaborative, motivating and safe environment for our team members—to do so is critical to the innovation process and a healthy, vibrant culture.

Build trust
Build trust

Trust gives us the freedom and peace of mind to be at our best, and it also gives our customers the faith to join us as we explore new frontiers.

Make good and fast decisions
Make good and fast decisions

We believe that a good decision today is better than a perfect decision tomorrow, because speed and iteration are the essence of innovation.

Embrace mistakes
Embrace mistakes

If we’re not making mistakes, we’re not innovating. Our mistakes provide us with the lessons we need to iterate quickly and advance our mission.

Empower the individual
Empower the individual

We are committed to empowering our teams and our customers by giving them greater choice, independence, and opportunity.

Operate with a beginner’s mind
Operate with a beginner's mind

The mind of a beginner is open and free to explore new frontiers and innovate.

Community at Gemini

At Gemini, our priority is to cultivate an inclusive environment and provide opportunities for Astronauts to build build and invest in the culture that drives our mission. We welcome everyone to bring their full selves to work as we continue to explore new frontiers.

Employee Resource Groups at Gemini


A group to support and encourage women and their allies to advance their skills and leadership potential through connection, mentorship, collaboration and education.

Gemini Pride

A safe space for individuals of the LGBTQ community and allies to obtain resources they need in order to feel empowered, included and supported.

Gemini AAAPI

A space for Asian/Asian American/Pacific Islander employees and their allies who are interested in racial advocacy and equity and who want to achieve diversity and equity in the workplace.


An inclusive group that is committed to sharing resources and open perspectives on the Black experience at work and in our communities.

Latinx ERG

A community for Latinx Astronauts and their allies to celebrate the vibrant cultures of Latin America, discuss current events, and share resources related to the Latinx experience.

People at Gemini

Gemini Initiatives

Gemini Gives Back

As part of our community foundations at Gemini, we’re aligning Astronaut-led charitable giving opportunities with our community values.

Gemini gives back
Mentorship Program

We’re creating bridges for Astronauts to receive professional support and guidance for equitable growth.


People at Gemini

We strive to build teams that reflect the people we want to empower through our products. To inform our decision-making, we use research that reflects the powerful benefits of diverse and inclusive teams on the overall success of our mission.

Crypto and Coffee

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