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SwissBorg: Community-Centric Crypto Wealth Management

SwissBorg is a digital asset investment platform and app built on the Ethereum blockchain to help place control and profit in the hands of its users.

By Cryptopedia Staff

Updated February 23, 20223 min read

SwissBorg- Community-Centric Crypto Wealth Management (DeFi)


SwissBorg offers a crypto wealth management platform that aims to be powerful, multifaceted, and egalitarian in nature. It incorporates an app for investment and earning yield that is equipped with an AI-powered Smart Engine, asset analysis, and portfolio analytics. The SwissBorg decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) assigns roles and responsibilities to users who wish to participate in network governance. In exchange for their efforts, these users receive the native, multi-utility CHSB token, which can be staked to obtain premium membership benefits or held in a Smart Yield account to generate returns as part of an optimized cryptocurrency portfolio.

What Is SwissBorg? Community App for Crypto Investing

SwissBorg is a crypto wealth management platform that puts community participation first. In contrast to single-use applications that only provide one type of service or instrument, SwissBorg is an amalgamation of many forms of decentralized finance (DeFi) instruments accessible through one hub via its SwissBorg app, which is available on Android and iOS devices. The SwissBorg community, app, and overall platform, is governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) made up of active participant-investors.

The SwissBorg project aims to simplify investing in cryptocurrency by mitigating the need to navigate different crypto finance platforms. To achieve this dynamic, the SwissBorg app aggregates central crypto exchange data and deploys a community-based ownership model. Since raising $53 million USD in 2017, SwissBorg is available in over 60 countries and supports 17 cryptocurrencies and 16 fiat currencies. As the SwissBorg ecosystem has grown, so has the use of its multi-utility SwissBorg token (CHSB), which is used for platform governance and incentivization mechanisms built into the SwissBorg platform.

The SwissBorg Wealth App

As an all-encompassing solution, the SwissBorg wealth app allows users to build and manage crypto portfolios with a diverse array of DeFi instruments. The app achieves this by integrating asset deposits, withdrawals, trading, and management into one simple, intuitive interface.

On the SwissBorg app, users can fund their accounts with a wide variety of fiat currencies and make withdrawals to local banks. Once an account is funded on the SwissBorg app, users can invest, earn, and collect rewards through a variety of instruments.

Investing via the SwissBorg App

The SwissBorg app employs several mechanisms to optimize investing:

  • Smart engine: The SwissBorg Smart Engine utilizes AI to minimize slippage, allowing users to purchase crypto at the lowest rates. The application finds the optimal execution route available in the DeFi ecosystem and enables users to trade any fiat or crypto pair — even if it doesn’t exist on an exchange. The SwissBorg app’s Smart Engine Report provides data from every exchange the application utilizes, so users can track the route of each trade.

  • Assets analysis: SwissBorg utilizes a proprietary machine learning (ML) algorithm known as CyBorg Predictor to forecast an asset's movement over a 24-hour period. The algorithm combines historical and technical indicators — including transaction volume, support and resistance levels — to complete in-depth computations that guide investment decisions.

  • Portfolio analytics: The SwissBorg app integrates portfolio insights such as total deposits, withdrawals, fees, and profit and loss (P&L). Users can visually chart portfolio performance and access transparent records that outline metrics like fees paid per asset trade.

  • Multi-asset and global: The SwissBorg app is available in 60 countries and supports over 150 fiat currencies and an array of leading cryptocurrencies. Its global, multi-asset platform is an accessible alternative to conventional or crypto wealth management applications.

Earning via the Swissborg App

The SwissBorg app also offers a Smart Yield Account, which offers users a program to generate yield on crypto holdings. The Smart Yield Account simplifies the typically complex task of yield farming by connecting users with select counterparties and a diverse range of DeFi applications through a unified interface. Specific yields depend on SwissBorg ecosystem performance as indicated by its SwissBorg Community Index. By linking yields to broader platform performance, the program intends to reward long-term token holders through a system of incentives that also incorporates SwissBorg’s native CHSB token.

The SwissBorg Token (CHSB)

The CHSB token facilitates SwissBorg network activity by incentivizing participation and plays a crucial role in platform governance. CHSB token holders can vote in referendums that shape the SwissBorg application. Beyond governance rewards and voting privileges, CHSB holders can make ongoing contributions to the network while amplifying the benefits of future growth and their own yield-bearing endeavors. Users who stake CHSB tokens gain access to premium membership tiers with additional benefits. Here’s an example of how this works:

  • Community premium: When users stake 2,000 CHSB tokens for one year, they earn up to 1.5X the yield on their crypto holdings (USDC, BNB, CHSB, ETH, and BTC) and pay a lower exchange fee of 0.75%.

  • Genesis premium: When users stake 50,000 CHSB tokens for one year, they earn up to 2X the yield on their crypto holdings (USDC, BNB, CHSB, ETH, and BTC) and pay a lower exchange fee of 0.25%.

As a further incentive, 20% of SwissBorg ecosystem revenue is used to buy back and burn CHSB tokens during times of downward market pressure. The CHSB Protect and Burn mechanism creates token scarcity and helps support market prices.

The SwissBorg DAO

The SwissBorg DAO is responsible for ecosystem governance. The DAO functions as a democratic mechanism that enables on-chain voting and acts as a bridge between the project team and community members. The SwissBorg team has defined distinct roles that community members can choose to participate in:

  • Digital artist: Develops art, pictures, presentations, videos, and text about the project.

  • Translator: Translates essential project documents, articles, or related content.

  • Promoter: Spreads the word about the project on various social media platforms.

  • Moderator: Regulates the communication on project channels, promoting healthy discussion, removing inappropriate content, and mediating group discussion within set rules.

  • Campaigner: Networks in the real world to promote the project in meetings, ask me anything (AMA) sessions, and public engagements.

  • Business introducer: Acts as project ambassador, arranging in-person meetings between the SwissBorg app team and prominent influences, investors, or potential business partners.

  • Cyber virtuoso: Develops tutorials, supporting documents, tools, scripts, software, and other resources that help expand the SwissBorg ecosystem.

When users fulfill one or more roles, they’re contributing to the direction of the SwissBorg project. SwissBorg DAO participants receive CHSB tokens as a reward for their efforts.

Simple Decentralized Wealth Management

The SwissBorg platform is a powerful one-stop solution for crypto investment. The platform seeks to make more advanced cryptocurrency investment strategies available to everyone, open up pathways for adoption with on-ramps for scores of fiat currencies, and simplify the process of DeFi yield farming. As a regulatory-friendly financial platform, SwissBorg is particularly appealing to crypto newcomers from around the globe. Further, the protocol incentivizes user engagement through multiple SwissBorg community app features with a long-term outlook and egalitarian ethos.

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