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Geojam (JAM): A Social Economy that Connects Artists and Fans

Geojam is a crypto-based social engagement platform for musicians, artists, influencers, and fans.

By Sarah Figueroa, CEO & Co-Founder, Geojam

Updated October 23, 20233 min read

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Geojam incorporates many elements of decentralized finance (DeFi) with the passion and creativity shared by artists and fans to enable new models for collective engagement and value-creation. Artists can use Geojam to connect directly with their fans in meaningful new ways and spin up new revenue streams, both online and offline, on their own terms. This cutting-edge creator economy platform is powered by the project’s utility token, JAM, which can earn fans anything from exclusive access to memorable opportunities for creative collaboration with their favorite artists.

What Is Geojam?

Geojam is a web3 social media network and creator platform looking to redefine engagement between celebrities, fans, and friends. Artists can use Geojam to connect directly with their fans in creative new ways that generate new revenue streams, both online and offline. Meanwhile, the Geojam crypto platform allows fans and creators to engage and experience moments together through Creator Access Pools (CAPs), Proposal Pools, and the Jam Shop, with the goal of creating once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and exclusive merchandise.

Geojam’s creator economy is powered by the project’s utility token, JAM, which plays a central role in redirecting value back into the hands of creators and their fans. In many ways, Geojam is combining the most successful features of decentralized finance (DeFi) with the passion and creativity of the artistic community. By focusing on the peer-to-peer (P2P) relationships between creators and consumers, Geojam is enabling new forms of collective participation and sustainable value-creation.

How To Use Geojam

Artists and fans are always looking for more authentic and unique ways to engage with one another, and Geojam is designed to meet this demand by enabling uniquely engaging creative economies between them. Geojam users can earn JAM tokens by engaging with the Geojam app and participating in fan competitions, CAPs, Proposals, and the Jam Shop. JAM tokens can then be redeemed for online and in-person experiences, merchandise, and other digital or physical products. These unique reward structures are driven by the artists, who are free to determine their own programs, fan offerings, and engagement opportunities. Through their in-app engagement, Geojam fans may be rewarded with anything from exclusive one-of-a-kind memorabilia to a private jet trip with their favorite artist – it’s all up to the creators themselves.

Artist offerings on Geojam are built around CAPs, which serve as the backbone of the Geojam token economy. Once an artist decides on what kind of opportunities to offer fans, they can invite users to participate by contributing JAM tokens to their CAP. Similar to the governance tokens ubiquitous in DeFi, JAM tokens can be considered a person’s voice in the direction of the platform. Geojam has also introduced a new feature that allows creators to mint non-fungible tokens (NFTs) directly on their platform. These NFTs are associated with the creator’s profile and can be displayed and used within Geojam’s expanding metaverse.

Geojam users also have a chance to influence their favorite artists by staking JAM tokens in “proposal pools.” These pools let fans propose ideas to creators who can then decide whether to accept the funds in the pool and move forward with the endeavor. In this way, Geojam offers creative control and new revenue streams to artists, and opens up access and agency to fans. This model aligns incentives to give all parties an opportunity to create and earn together.

The Geojam Token: JAM

Geojam started off as a traditional music discovery and social platform for iOS users, but has since transitioned its incumbent rewards system into an on-chain tokenized economy with its own decentralized protocols and reward structure. This new system is powered by JAM tokens, which are ERC-20 tokens with their own unalterable ID, transaction timestamps, and intellectual property (IP) rights information.

The JAM crypto token launched in late 2021 through the Lattice Exchange Launchpad, which is powered by Constellation Network’s Hypergraph protocol. In addition to driving fan engagement and artist value-creation, JAM tokens can also be staked to operate content nodes on Geojam. These nodes will store metadata to help train machine learning (ML) algorithms to help validate all content uploaded to the network. This structure means that Geojam content and data will not be stored or moderated by Geojam itself, but rather the decentralized network of users setting up and maintaining these nodes.

Geojam Puts Artists and Fans First

Geojam is attempting to redefine the creator economy in a way that prioritizes the artist and fan relationship, rather than centralized entities like record labels and streaming platforms, in creating new experiences. The project has already attracted multiple high-profile celebrities ranging from Mariah Carey to Machine Gun Kelly, and every artist on their platform has the same freedom to provide once-in-a-lifetime rewards and engagement opportunities for their fans on their own terms.

Social media and the creator economy have long been industries with centralized revenue models that see corporations, technology, and distribution platforms dictating terms to creators and fans. Geojam is taking meaningful steps towards redistributing value back to the core relationship of creator and fan. By incentivizing artists and fans to engage via bespoke rewards programs, NFTs, and dynamic, collaborative experiences, Geojam is opening the door for that symbiotic relationship to develop new forms of engagement and value-capture that place artists and fans first and foremost.

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Sarah Figueroa


Sarah Figueroa

CEO & Co-Founder, Geojam

Sarah Figueroa is the CEO and co-founder of Geojam. Sarah is a serial entrepreneur with 10 years of experience building and designing consumer tech companies centered around social media, entertainment, and community. She has been recognized in the New York Times for Geojam’s pivot during the pandemic and is a member of the Rolling Stone Culture Council. Sarah is extremely passionate about community governance and decentralization. As an early adopter of Ethereum, she has been mining crypto since 2016. At Geojam she leads a fifteen person team on product, marketing, and token utility.

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